Software Development Engineer - Amazon Robotics
Westborough, MA; Oct 2021 - Present

Software Engineer Intern - Lenovo
Morrisville, NC; June - July 2020

BS Computer Science - University of Texas Arlington
Arlington, TX; Aug 2017 - May 2021

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YACA is a calendar app aimed towards college students.
It is very minimal and to the point of improving productivity and helping manage time.

Some of its features are split home view that lets one see events for selected day, overview screen that lets one see all events from current date, color marking events and classes to better distinguish them, and notepad screen to take quick notes.


"The purpose of AHunt is to aid scavenger hunts. Users will gather in one area and will be given an initial “hint” as to where the first part of the scavenger hunt will take place. Each of the notable sites will have strategic QR Codes placed around the area. A hint to the next step of the scavenger hunt will be given if that the user is able to find each location of and scan the previous QR Codes."

I mostly worked on the front-end part of the project.

picture credits: Olivier Ndikumana


I created this project just for fun. I wanted to see the statistics of one of my group.

The project lets you visualize things such as messages sent, words used, and media sent for each user. One can also see top 10 used non-stop words above length 3.
There are two versions of the project. One uses python for parsing and matplotlib to draw graphs. The other one (web app) uses JavaScript for parsing and ChartJS to graph data.


A terminal screensaver like the DVD logo one. Reads distro/OS name by default and supports piped input.

DVDTS Demo gif
Gif is laggy. Check video.


I made this homepage for me after getting tired of looking for minimalistic homepages.
Uses duckduckgo bangs for shortcuts and easier searches.

Minipage Demo gif

Life of Py - PyMavs Blog

As a webmaster for the organization at UTA, I created this blog website for PyMavs.
It uses markdown files to create new pages and is made using GatsbyJS and ReactJS.

PyMavs Blog