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Health Tracker

Analysis for my health data such as Water and Caffeine intake, Heart Rate, Steps, and Sleep.

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Created: 05/21/2021.

Languages and libraries used: python, pandas, matplotlib, and numpy

All data is collected using Apple Watch (Apple Health).


Average heart rate hourly

Average heart rate during an hour of the day.


Since I am sometimes awake after midnight, the avg heart rate is still higher than 70 during those hours. However, it drops from 3-6 AM when I am asleep most of the time.

After which the average shows an upward trend as I wake up until lunch around 11 AM - 12 PM. Since most work, exercise, walk, etc. is done from 12 - 6 PM, there is a high average block from during these times. Following this, there is a downward trend till I sleep (the trend extends till 4 AM).

Average heart rate over months and weeks

Data for heart rates goes from September 2020 to May 2021 (now). As expected, the averages for both the graphs over their respective periods are consistent since I did not have any particular strenuous month or day of the week.

Average heart rate over months


Average heart rate over days of the week

Days of week

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