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Health Tracker

Analysis for my health data such as Water and Caffeine intake, Heart Rate, Steps, and Sleep.

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Created: 05/21/2021.

Languages and libraries used: python, pandas, matplotlib, and numpy

All data is collected using Apple Health.

Water Intake

Frequency of water intake hourly

Scatter plot of the frequency of water intake throughout the day. Frequency does not take into account the amount of water.


There is a noticeable spike for 00-01 AM. Since I usually tend to sleep around midnight, this spike is expected as drink water right before going to bed.

There is a high frequency for 08-10 AM as I drink water right after waking up.

Another expected spike in frequency for 16-17 PM as I tend to drink water right after drinking coffee.

Surprisingly, there is no spike for dinner but since my dinner time is fluctuating (between 6-9 PM); Medium frequencies are most likely due to the distribution of dinner over that time.

Frequency of various amounts of water intake

Histogram of water intake (fl oz) on a day. Values under 40 fl oz were removed to reduce lacking values for certain days.


The recommended water intake amount for men is about 100 fl oz. The average water intake is 103.64 fl oz. Thus, I seem to be hitting the recommended amount.

That said, the histogram shows values going as low as 40 fl oz. The cause for this is either lack of logging or they are simply the days of low water intake (explained later).

However, most frequencies lie above 100 fl oz (the recommended intake) even going as far as 180 fl oz for a couple of days. With the highest frequency for 140 fl oz.

Average water intake over months

Due to an issue with logging data, water intake between the end of December and the start of April is missing. Values under 40 fl oz were removed to reduce lacking values for certain days.


A noticeable point is a very low average for September (2020). This is the very reason I started the project. Simply to try logging water intake, I realized that I was drinking a very low amount of water. I started to fix this starting October (2020).

After September, all months have had more than recommended water intake (100 fl oz) average.

Average water intake over days of the week

Average water intake in fl oz over the days of the week. Values under 40 fl oz were removed to reduce lacking values for certain days.

Days of the week

As expected, there is not much difference in average water intake between days of the week.

Tuesday is the lowest of them all which is most likely the result of my biology lab. Since I had to use 16 fl oz of water over four hours of the lab and commute.

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